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Chef Sleeve iPad Cover PDF Print E-mail

Two Messy Thumbs Up!

chefsleeveipadcover-1When cooking, we use it all –  our heirloom recipe index cards, cookbooks, newspaper and magazine clippings and now our newest hi–tech kitchen resource, our iPad. However, using the iPad  has been tricky. We had to keep it far enough away from cooking areas to protect it from stray spills. And, we had to keep washing and drying hands and fingers to use it. That was the problem − now the solution.

We discovered the amazing Chef Sleeve, another “wish we had thought of that–ah–ha invention” and everything’s changed. This transparent sleeve completely encases the iPad and protects it from food, fingerprints and cooking mess. We absolutely recommend it for all iPad owners. We use our iPad protected with the Chef Sleeve primarily in the kitchen, but it can also be a handy iPad protector all around the house, including the garden and workshop!

Some features we like:
The Chef Sleeve has a resealable strip, which makes it easy to tightly fasten the sleeve. Made of an ultra–clear material, it is almost invisible when in use; we hardly realize that the Chef Sleeve is covering the iPad. The sleeve is touch sensitive, allowing the touch screen to work perfectly under the thin protective film. In addition, the fit is “tailored” since the product was designed specifically for the iPad, even covering the output/input ports.

chefsleevestandThe packaging  too is innovative, doubling as a stand, and allows one at a time release. When you're done making a mess, just dispose, re–use or re–cycle the Chef Sleeve. It is100% recyclable – good for the user, the iPad and the environment!.

In testing, we utilized a single cover several times and found that it stayed clear and the IPad was still responsive after many uses. And, of course, when we were messy, we tossed the sleeve.

This is a "gift yourself, gift others" KosherEye pick for the techie–cook in your life. It fits both the iPad and the iPad 2. We think that it is a must have for gardeners, home handymen, crafters, and dirty hands anywhere! Use it on the beach too, or wherever moisture, dirt, or spills might be an issue. Can you tell.. we love it! Make someone happy—-Buy it Now!

Price about $20 for box of 25. Available at 

This innovative company has now developed disposable iPhone sleeves and a dishwasher save iPad stand that we can't wait to try!


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